What if your country does not have a national Linguistics Olympiad? The following  information is provided by Simona Klemencic on behalf of the Board of the International Linguistics Olympiad; the information takes the form of a standard email that she sends to individual students or teachers from countries which do not yet have a national…(Read More)



If you’re in the Manchester area on Friday, September 9th, you’ll be very welcome to attend a two-hour session (2-4) about the UK Linguistics Olympiad. This will be part of the annual meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain, but attendance at this meeting is free of conference fee. If…(Read More)

New Website


The UKLO now has revamped their site, as you can see, courtesy of Richard Littauer, Vivienne Rogers, and Dick Hudson. Please let us know if you come across any dead links, or if you can think of a way to make it better for you! We’re looking forward to the next UKLO, and hope…(Read More)

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