Breakthrough workout

Breakthrough Workout

Welcome to the home of the UKLO’s Breakthrough Workout collection!

  • Breakthrough Workout problems are UKLO style questions designed to be accessible to pupils in Key Stages 2 and 3, and are likely to be most suitable for pupils in Years 5,6,7 and 8.
  • Completed problems are not entered into any UKLO competition; rather they are designed as learning resources for use in lesson time and / or linguistics clubs.
  • Problems come complete with markschemes, commentaries and suggested prompt questions for teachers, so they don’t necessarily need to be delivered by language specialists.
  • In fact, as well as helping develop pupils’ linguistic understanding, Breakthrough Workout problems can help improve problem solving and collaboration skills, so in addition to finding an obvious home in MFL and English or Literacy lessons, they could easily contribute to pupils’ learning in the science classroom…and beyond!

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Help us expand the Breakthrough Workout collection!

We would love to see our collection of Breakthrough Workout problems grow, and the UKLO team are adding to it all the time! But you can help too, by joining our project to crowdsource a large collection of new problems.  Templates, guidelines and support from the UKLO team are all available, so if you are interested, read on!