Christine Ohuruogu, MBE

UKLO patron


picture of Christine Ohuruogu

We’re very proud to have Christine Ohuruogu as our patron. Everyone knows about her career in athletics, with a record-breaking 9 medals in international competitions between 2005 and 2016. What isn’t quite so well known is that she has a degree in linguistics from UCL, so she’s the perfect patron for us! (She was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by UCL in 2013).


Comparing her linguistics degree to her athletics achievements Christine said,

I am proud of my BA and hold it in high regard along with my athletics medals. I really enjoyed the intellectual challenge of exploring the amazing complexities of language structure, and especially the data problems that were an important part of the teaching. I think that everyone should try to do things that are very difficult for them, whether in sport or in thinking, and that what matters is how hard they try, rather than whether they overcome those particular challenges.