Feedback in 2017

From pupils

  • I would also like to express my gratitude to you and the rest of those in charge of UKLO for giving me the extraordinary opportunities I’ve had over the last four years. I genuinely feel as though doing this competition has changed my life – I have met some of my best friends through it and in October I’m off to xxxx for Linguistics, which I would never have even considered before UKLO. I would love to continue working closely with UKLO to give more people the opportunity to experience what I have since it was so completely life-changing for me.

From schools

  • Many thanks, as ever, for the excellent service you provide. As well as using the excellent material on your website for our Linguistics Club and in preparation for the Olympiad, we have begun this year to teach a Linguistics course to our two Year 6 classes here at CLS.
  • This year, we did things differently. So to capitalise on teaching Year Six about how languages differ, we attempted the UKLO – but as both the Year Four and Year Five teachers were interested we had Year Five attempt the UKLO, as well as Year Four in part. … As far as young competitors are concerned – I reckoned that it would do no harm to show the Year Four children what is involved. They did rather enjoy trying to penetrate Italian, and if they can enjoy such things at their age it bodes well for the future. We do have a fairly high proportion of children in our school with English as an additional language, so for us there is already an additional motivating factor.
  • Many thanks for this. I now have 18 intermediate students signed up to do it and there will be more. I have entered the marks for the first 7 students … and wonder whether we will know whether they achieve gold, silver or bronze etc? I have to say that anything like that is sooo motivating for budding linguists, so thank you.
  • Thank you for all your efforts to arrange yet another school round; we’ve had an exciting contest at [my school], where numbers are growing every year. This time there were no Advance level students, so I’ve marked all the papers and would like to award top performers in Assembly this Friday.
  • The students that took part loved it. Thank you for your great work
  • Thanks very much to you and UKLO for running this, it has been a great experience for the students.
  • Thanks for organising another fabulous, yet challenging, competition this year. 
  • It’s been a great experience for us entering and we feel as MFL teachers we’ve got a lot of out it to see how our pupils of different abilities approached the problems and to see their way of thinking in a different context.
  • It has been very rewarding to see the boys getting so excited and engaged with the Olympiad.
  • Honestly, we value the Olympiad hugely at [my school] and it is a key part of our English/MFL provision, so thank you for keeping it going so well.