IOL 2013


The International Linguistics Olympiad 2013





We are grateful to our sponsors, whose generosity makes this competition possible.

 UKLO is proud to host the IOL in 2013.

Souvenirs from the party ….


Media coverage

Well, we tried hard to interest the media, but they just didn’t see the point …

  • The one exception is the regular programme ‘Word of Mouth‘ on BBC Radio 4, whose producer Chris Ledgard collected material for a broadcast during August 2013.  It was broadcast on 20th August, and is archived here. (The bit about the IOL starts at 21 minutes.) And the Isle of Man did pay attention!
  • Especial shame should be heaped on BBC Northwest, the local TV service for Manchester and its area. To our surprise and disappointment, they simply ignored three emails and a phone call.


Old stuff

Final programme

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All participants were given a bag full of goodies which included a flash stick loaded with a souvenir from Manchester.


For costs and money transfer, click here.


To tell us that you plan to take part in IOL2013, please visit the official IOL website here even though the deadline for initial registration is past.


Bed and meals: in Ashburne Hall (Ashburne Hall, Old Hall Lane, Manchester M14 6HP),  a student residence belonging to the University of Manchester

Meetings: in Manchester Grammar School (Old Hall Lane, Manchester M13 0XT).


Every country that registered before our registration deadline is entitled to enter one team of four competitors, in addition to an adult leader. Second teams registered by that date have also been accepted, but the cost of entering a second team will be higher than the cost for first teams. Now that the registration deadline has passed, both first and second teams will only be accepted at the organisers’ discretion (though the presumption is that first teams will normally be accepted).

The rules for second and third teams are currently under discussion by the IOL and are likely to be revised at the 2013 meeting.

What if your country does not have a national Linguistics Olympiad? Click here for more information.


If you need visas in order to visit the UK, then (we’re told that) you need a business visa.

The organizing committee

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The jury

Many thanks to the jury for selecting the questions, marking the scripts and choosing the winners. Here they are:

  • Alexey Pegushev
  • Artur Semyanuk
  • Boris Iomdin
  • Bozhidar Bozhanov
  • Bruno L’Astorina
  • Daniel Rucki
  • Dmitry Gerasimov
  • Gabriela Hladnik
  • Hugh Dobbs
  • Ivan Derzhanski
  • Jae Kyu Lee
  • Ksenia Guilyarova
  • Maria Rubinstein
  • Pavel Sofroniev
  • Rosina Savisaar
  • Sasha Piperski
  • Stanislav Gurevich(Chair for 2013)