IOL2013 money

IOL2013 money


We (the UK hosts) will cover all the local costs for each country’s first team plus one accompanying adult, but we will charge a registration fee of £350.

The cost for second teams and extra adults is as follows:

Mon-Sat Sun-Sat
Team of 4 paying full costs £1,068 £1,232
Adult, standard accommodation £267 £308
Adult, en suite accommodation £327 £380

Extra nights (e.g. Saturday 20 July):

  • Team of four:   £164
  • Adult, standard accommodation:  £41
  • Adult, en suite accommodation: £53

These figures include all local costs (food, accommodation, basic entertainment, local transport) but not spending money.  Second teams do not pay the registration charge.

The deadline for payments is 30th June, 2013.


How to make payments

To transfer money to the organizing committee of IOL2013, please transfer it to the UKLO account, with the code ‘IOL2013 xxx’, where xxx is replaced by your country’s name. The UKLO account details are as follows:
        • Bank:  Co-operative Bank
        • Address of bank: PO Box 101, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester M60 4EP
        • Account address registered at the bank: 57 Park Avenue North, London N8 7RS
        • For transfers from a foreign bank:
          • BIC: CPBKGB22
          • IBAN: GB93CPBK08929965396322
        • For transfers within the UK:
          • UK sort code: 089299
          • Account number: 65396322

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