Markers 2012

We depend heavily on a team of volunteer linguists who mark the Advanced entries for Round 1.

After the event, we had fewer scripts to mark than we anticipated, so we could not use all the people who had volunteered. Here is a list of the individual volunteers who did mark some scripts:

  • Isabelle Arnett
  • Rebekah Aubry
  • Kate Beeching
  • Ewa Boinska
  • Natalie Braber
  • Ian Cushing
  • Claire Dembry
  • Chi-Hé Elder
  • Christina Howell-Richardson
  • Maria Kunevich
  • Ho-Cheong (Alex) Leung
  • Brona  Murphy
  • Sophie Nicholson
  • Jenny Pugsley
  • Brian Richards
  • Chan Shan
  • Robert Sharples
  • Priyanka Sinha
  • Agneta Svalberg
  • Rose Thomas
  • Hans Van de Koot
  • Sussan Wahdatpanah
  • Alan Wallington
  • Bonnie Webber

For the list of markathons (where a group of students and staff marked collectively), click here.

To see the complete list of volunteers, click here.

To find out about running a ‘markathon’, in which a number of student volunteers mark a large number of scripts, click here.

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