Marking in 2021

Notice board for errors and corrections in the Advanced solutions

  • Feb 6: In the Advanced paper, Problem 3, Q3.2, line 3: youw should be yuow.


The marking coordinator is Neema Kotonya


  • Mon 25th January: final day for notifying us of your marker capacity.
  • Jan 25-29: week for allocation of schools to markers. During this week your page on the portal will show the contact details and script numbers of your school(s).
  • Feb 1-5: test week, so all Advanced scripts should have been scanned and uploaded (with lists of names) by the end of Friday 8th.
  • Feb 6-14: Marking takes place.
  • Monday 15th February: Deadline for uploading points to the portal
  • Monday 22 February: Advanced results announced
    • If you have been sent paper scripts with a stamped addressed envelope, please keep them with you till this day in case we need to include them in our shortlist; but on this day you can return them to the school.


Particular thanks to those who organised markathons: