August 2017. World champions!

At the International Olympiad in Dublin we won three Golds, two Silvers, and the team trophy for the individual event … See the press release.

July 2015. Wonderful results for the UK at the International Linguistics Olympiad in Bulgaria

See results.

July 2013. Manchester hosts the International Linguistics Olympiad

Thanks to generous funding from the Leverhulme Trust and strong support from the University of Manchester and Manchester Grammar School, we welcomed 142 school children from 26 countries, and even managed to win six awards. Apart from the grueling competition itself, everyone seemed to enjoy the chance to do interesting things such as watching cricket or visiting Jodrell Bank or Chatsworth, and we even saw some sunshine.

April 2013. British Academy funds report on UKLO’s first three years

In Spring 2012 the British Academy agreed to provide funding for an analysis of UKLO’s performance in the first three years, 2010-2012. UKLO appointed Laura Tomlinson to carry out the analysis and write the report, under the guidance of Graeme Trousdale. This analysis is now complete, and downloads are available:

 March 2013. Actual entry figures confirm rise

The actual entry figures, based on the scripts marked centrally at Advanced level and the results submitted for Foundation and Intermediate levels, while lower than those based on entries predicted in January, show two important trends:

  • a sharp rise in the entries at Foundation level (from 432 to 1069)
  • a lowering of the age-range for Foundation level, to include 48 entries from Years 5 and 6 (i.e. age 10-11).

The year-on-year figures since 2010 are shown here:


January 2013. Entry figures treble compared to 2012!

The following figures show the entries that were notified just before the start of round 1:

  2010 2011 2012 2013
Foundation 225 334 432 2506
Intermediate     498 2048
Advanced 337 831 982 1679

all pupils

562 1165 1912 6233

I.e. Whereas until now each year doubled the year before, this year we’ve TREBLED it!!! And nearly all the growth has been in Foundation and Intermediate entries, which is especially good news because this year’s F/I entries may be next year’s Advanced entries. There’s also been a welcome shift in favour of maintained (i.e. state) schools, especially at Foundation and Intermediate levels.


Autumn 2012. Given a whole-page spread in the new language magazine, Babel.






5 August 2012. Triumph for our patron, Christine Ohuruogu, in the London 2012 Olympiad






4 August 2012Triumph at the International Linguistics Olympiad.




UK to host 2013 IOL

15 December 2011. We promised in July to host the International Linguistics Olympiad in July 2013, in the hope of raising sponsorship to cover the costs. In December we heard from the Leverhulme Trust that they have agreed to provide £53,000 which should cover all (or at least most) of the costs; we are extremely grateful for the Trust’s support.  We plan to hold the event in Manchester using a combination of Manchester University’s halls of residence for night-time accommodation and Manchester Grammar School’s rooms during the day.


IOL results 2011

29 July 2011. We learned that two of our team-members  in the International Linguistics Olympiad won awards: Nicholas Moore won a Bronze medal, and Piotr Galuszka received an Honourable Mention.  Our warmest congratulations to both of them!