How to notify us of Advanced candidates

If you want to enter candidates for the Advanced level of the competition, this is what you should do.

Notifying numbers

We need to assign you a marker, so we need to know roughly how many candidates you think you may enter. (Some people enter just one or two, while others enter hundreds, so it really matters!).  You first task, therefore, is to tell us how many candidates you guess you’ll be entering. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how many, or even roughly how many; you can change the number at any time until the end of the notification period (as shown on the page for the current year; it’s usually about 20th January).

  • Make sure that you’ve already registered yourself and your school.
  • Click here to log into the portal as a teacher.
  • When your personal page opens (saying ‘Welcome ….  You’re a teacher …’, click the blue words ‘Manage students’.
  • Click the blue words ‘Update estimate’ and enter the number of candidates you currently expect to enter. You can change this number at any time by repeating the steps above.
  • Log out.

Notifying names

This is the second stage, which you can leave till the last minute. We don’t need to know candidate names until you send scripts to your marker, who will need the name lists for recording marks. We will also ask for candidates’ sex and year, but these details are for our records, not for the marker.

  • Log in as above, and select ‘Manage students’.
  • Add the student details as required. The system remembers students registered previously, so if you want to change details select ‘Add a past student’. The same will be true in future years, when you’ll be able to call up students you registered this year.
  • Log out.