Recruiting a portal manager, August 2021

UKLO is mainly run by unpaid volunteers, but we make an exception for the role of portal manager. This role is ideal for a computer science student or recent graduate, and has been filled by three such people: Simon Vansintjan, Neema Kotonya and Jack Hodkinson. (Neema and Jack were also UKLO champions.) If it interests you, please contact the Chair of UKLO.

Here is a job description, explaining what it entails and the skill-set that it requires.

Full Stack Developer (Python/JS)

– Maintenance of a legacy web app, including devops
– Budget available for new functionality, scope flexible depending on availability
– Some minor interaction via email with users, mostly automated (templates pre-configured)
– Two examination periods per year (February and March) which require on call support, although no need to be available 24/7
– Flexible and understanding stakeholders
– Mentorship available from current developer looking to transfer to more hands-off role.
Technologies (experience preferred but not essential)
– Django
– AngularJS (Angular 1)
– git
– Docker Compose