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UK Linguistics Olympiad 2009


The following schools took part in the 2009 competition as guests of the All-Ireland Linguistics Olympiad:

AILO tests

ILO sponsor and UK team

  • The Philological Society sponsored the UK team to attend the International Olympiad in Wraclaw with a subsidy of one thousand pounds for travel expenses.
  • The winning UK team was the Year 13 team from Manchester Grammar School: Ben Miller, Ben Caller, Adam King, Alex Sheppard.
  • ILO results. The UK team did extremely well considering their lack of experience of the ILO and the very short time they had to prepare:
    • the team came ‘about fifth’ out of 23 (an unofficial result since only the first three teams were officially announced: 1 USA , 2 Korea, 3 Russia/Moscow)
    • one individual, Ben Caller, won a Bronze Medal in the individual competion.
    • all the team greatly enjoyed meeting their peers from 20 other countries.
  • We issued a press-release on 6 August 2009.


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