Last-minute updates on Round 1 2017


The portal on Tuesday morning

The portal will be out of action for a few hours on Tuesday morning. If you need anything, please contact Dick, Laura (for teachers) or Sondos (for markers).

Problem 2: Inuktitut

Question 11 is blank. It was meant to be ‘Jess’, so please ask pupils to write that in. Very sorry. We’ll find a work-around in the marking to make sure they don’t lose it.

Problem 7: Tamil

Problem 7 doesn’t print properly in the Advanced booklet. That’s because it’s meant to print landscape, not portrait, but of course when it’s bundled with portraits that doesn’t work. The solution is easy: use the separate Problem 7 file  to print that problem. Since it’s on its own it prints fine (but, of course, landscape). It’s part of the zipped bundle, and if you download this after 11.35 on Friday (3rd Feb) you’ll find it as the file  called ‘Problem 7 for Advanced.pdf’.

If you’re using an earlier version of the zipped bundle, you’ll need to print ‘Problem 7’ (intended for the Intermediate competition), then explain to the Advanced competitors that they need to use the answer sheet rather than the table on the same sheet as the data. (Before photocopying it, you may want to cross out the answer table below the main table, and write on it “Use the table in the answer sheet instead!”.)