How to send scripts to a marker

Suppose you’ve put all your scripts into a zipped folder. There are two ways to send this folder to your marker. Whichever you choose, please alert your marker in a separate email message.

  • By email as an attachment.
    • But not if it’s very big (e.g. over 10 Mb). Some email systems won’t allow you to send such a big file or your marker to receive it; some seem to limit you to less than 2 Mb.
    • If you really want to use email, split the scripts across a number of manageable zipped folders.
  • By a free file-transfer system such as WeTransfer
    • If you use WeTransfer, ignore the invitation to sign up – you don’t need to, so just click ‘no thank you’ at the foot of the first page.
    • Then find the little window shown below.
    • Hit the blue ‘+’ and find your files. Click ‘open’.
    • Add your marker’s email address in ‘Email to’. This will trigger an automatic email message to your marker allowing them to download your files.
    • Add a message if you want.
    • Hit ‘Transfer’. There will be a delay as it uploads your files, which will be available for your marker for two weeks.