Teacher day October 2014

Teacher day at Oxford, October 2014

  • When: Saturday 4 October 2014: 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • Where: Somerville College, Oxford
  • For whom: Teachers with any amount of experience of running the UKLO competition in their schools from years to zero. List of participants, both teachers and UKLO members
  • Why: Two aims:
    • To share ideas about running the olympiad, e.g.
      • recruiting students
      • running a linguistics club
      • integrating olympiad materials in ordinary teaching.
    • To share  materials and ideas that UKLO have been working on:
      • Test materials suitable for the new Breakthrough level
      • Expanded versions of past problems with extended commentary and ‘taking it further’ suggestions.

What the presenters said.

1. The UK Linguistics Olympiad ‘on the ground’

  • a chance to share your own experience/plans
  • what about running a Linguistics Club?
  • integrating Olympiad materials in ordinary teaching

Presentations by:

2.   Road-testing some new resources from UKLO

  • materials to support introduction of the new Breakthrough level
  • extending learning from Intermediate level questions
  • discussion of materials (scope/format)

Presentations by: