Test papers 2013

UKLO test papers 2013

The following material is intended for Round 1 of the 2013 competition.

  • The spreadsheet template (for all levels), to be used as follows:
    • make a copy for any Foundation or Intermediate entries
    • rename each file, replacing xxx by your school’s postcode and changing _A_ to _FM_ as appropriate.
    • fill in your school’s name and postcode (just once – it will automatically copy across the spreadsheet).
    • complete the list of names etc for Advanced candidates and send it to your marker.
    • complete all the information, including your scores, for Foundation and Intermediate candidates and (please) send Martin a copy.
  • The papers for the test:
  • The solutions and marking schemes:
  • The participation certificate for Foundation and Intermediate level (for you to customize by removing or replacing the bits in yellow).

Further instructions for the question papers:

  • Please download the papers that you need and print them in school. Each candidate will need one question paper and one answer sheet.
  • Please collect in all the answer sheets at the end of the test, and check that they all show the competitor’s name.
  • Please also collect in all the question papers to keep them confidential.

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