test papers 2014

UKLO test papers 2014

The following material is intended for Round 1 of the 2014 competition.

  • The entry template (for all levels), to be used as follows:
    • You need one file for each level, so make as many copies as you need.
    • Rename each file, replacing POSTCODE with your school’s postcode and LEVEL by F, I or A as appropriate.
    • In each file, fill in your school’s name, postcode and I/M(just once – it will automatically copy across the spreadsheet). ‘I/M’ is I for independent and M for maintained.
    • For Advanced entries, complete the list of names (and other candidate details) for all your expected candidates and send it to your marker, either now or with your scripts. It doesn’t matter if some predicted candidates don’t take part, but it does matter if extra candidates enter.
    • For Foundation and Intermediate entries, you mark these yourself, so you can complete all the information at your convenience. You put your points scores in the pink area, and the spreadsheet will convert them automatically into marks in the grey area. Please send a copy to Laura Tomlinson.
  • The papers for the test:
  • The Foundation and Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate solutions (released at 6.10 pm on Friday 7 Feb)
    • Errata – errors in the first version which have now been corrected in the current version:
      • Q3, Mokilese:
        • Q3.3. Give 3 points for a correct solution.
      • Q5, Turkish:
        • Q5.1d. Allow: ‘Do the poor like my house?’
        • Q5.2: the ‘underlined sections’ of the sentences had lost their underlining.
        • Q5.2b. Allow: ‘Does/did your father like us to come?’
      • Q6, Kairak:
        • Q6.2b. Allow: The two of them/they both … [i.e. either ‘you’ or ‘they’]
      • Q7, Ilokano:
        • Q7.1: further details added about acceptable and unacceptable answers.
        • A completely new analysis is offered in the comments, but doesn’t affect the marking.
  • The participation certificate template for Foundation and Intermediate level (for you to customize by removing or replacing the bits in yellow).

Further instructions for the question papers:

  • Please download the papers that you need and print them in school. Each candidate will need one question paper and one answer sheet.
  • Please collect in all the answer sheets at the end of the test, and check that they all show the competitor’s name.
  • Please also collect in all the question papers to keep them confidential.