The certificates team

The Certificates Team

[This page has not been updated since 2013, and in 2018 it is redundant because all certificates are generated automatically by the portal.]

Every year, we issue printed certificates for all competitors at Advanced level, including those for participation as well as for the select few who get Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.Here’s our formula for these awards:

  • Gold: the top 5% of entries.
  • Silver: the next 10% of entries.
  • Bronze: the next 20% of entries.

These certificates have to be generated electronically, with names taken from the entry forms supplied by teachers, checked, printed, sorted and put into envelopes.  The costs are all covered entirely by UKLO.

The person responsible for all this is Gary Wood, but he recruits a team of volunteers among the students in his department at Sheffield University to help with the stuffing of envelopes. The volunteers are listed below:


Paul England, Zoƫ Fletcher, Jade Nelmbs, Claire Roper, Caroline Tatam, Lawrence Walsh

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