From: Martin Edwardes []
Sent: 12 November 2012 11:45
To: [email]
Subject: UK Linguistics Olympiad School Registration


Dear [firstname]


I am writing to you about the 2013 UK Linguistics Olympiad, the first round of which will be held in the week of 4-8 February 2013. Last year we had over 1,100 entries at the advanced level from 90 schools, and our international finalists won one silver and three bronze medals in competition with other countries at the International Linguistics Olympiad in Pittsburgh. (See for background information and a report for the year.)


I would be grateful if you could confirm the following details for your schools entry on the UKLO database:

School Postcode (this is our database key, so is vital): [postcode]

School name: [schoolname]


[school address]


Age range (NC years): [age]

Contact name: [teacher]

Email: [email]


Could you also let me have a very approximate count of the Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation entries you hope to make this year. At this stage we just need a rough guide so that we can plan this years workload.


You are receiving this email because someone has registered your school for the UK Linguistics Olympiad. If you wish it to be removed from our database, please let me know.


Many thanks,


Martin Edwardes

UKLO Marking & Schools Coordinator, 2013