Subject: Re: Distributing questionnaires to teachers
From: Richard Hudson
Date: 28/08/2012 09:14
To: {{email}}

Dear {{firstname}},

I hope you've had a good summer break. Here's the first message of the new season from the UK Linguistics Olympiad. Don't worry - one of this year's targets is to reduce the flow of email messages, so I hope you won't get many more.

First, you'll find the website has been reorganised, so the information you'll need is all in one place, under 'for teachers'. That includes the page for 2013 arrangements. There's not much there at the moment, but we'll use that page, rather than email, for announcing details as they become available.

Second, we've been given some money by the British Academy (one of our sponsors) for a project on how we're doing and how we could do better. Our researcher is looking for a small amount of feedback from teachers, so here's a message from her to you. We'd all be immensely grateful if you could spare a few minutes to fill it in. We hope the report will be available in October, and once it is we'll make it available on the website.

Best wishes, Richard



My name is Laura Tomlinson, and I am currently working alongside the United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO), researching the success of the project so far, and evaluating the competition's current  structure.  As part of this research, I have designed a short survey  to be completed by teachers who have taken part in UKLO, giving  feedback on the competition's current organisation, and on what  further support could be provided.

I would be very grateful if, as one of the teachers who participated  in UKLO 2012, you could fill out this short questionnaire (the link is  at the bottom of this message).  With your responses, UKLO will be  better able to evaluate its current competition structure, and plan  for continued success in the years to come.

In about a week's time, I will be sending out a similar link asking  for student feedback on the competition, and would be grateful if you  could distribute this to the students who took part from your school  in UKLO 2012.

Teacher feedback survey link:

Many thanks,
Laura Tomlinson
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