Subject: UKLO 2013.2 UK Linguistics Olympiad Student Survey
From: Richard Hudson
Date: 04/09/2012 14:35
To: {{email}}

Dear {{firstname}},

This is *not* your weekly message from UKLO - as I promised in last week's message, the flow will be strictly controlled this year, with more information on the website and less in emails. However, this week I happen to have another reason to write, so please read on.  As promised in last week's message, I'm now circulating a similar message asking for your help with a survey of students who took part in UKLO. As before, the survey work is being carried out by Laura Tomlinson, so if you want to discuss the questionnaire please contact her at A@B, where A = L.Tomlinson-2 and B = SMS.ED.AC.UK.

An administrative matter: I've added an archive to the website which will contain all the messages I send to you, so if my messages drown in your inbox, you can find them again under the 'For teachers' tab on the website ( - look for 'Arrangements for 2013' (or go straight to You may notice that this message (which, unlike the first, has the intended header!) is numbered 2013.2. This will help you to check whether you've missed any.

Best wishes, Richard


Last week, I was in touch with you to send a survey link to a questionnaire designed for teachers involved in UKLO 2012, gathering feedback on the competition.  I'd like to say thank you to those who have already responded.  If you haven't found the time to respond to this survey so far, I would be very grateful if you could do so as soon as possible - the more feedback we get from teachers, the better.  Here is the link to the teachers survey:

As part of the research I am doing into UKLO, I have also designed a feedback survey aimed at students who took part in the competition.  I am especially interested to hear what students from round one thought about the competition.  I would be grateful if you could distribute the following link to students from your school who participated in round one of UKLO 2012.  The survey is short, and should take 5-10 minutes to complete.  If students would like to be reminded of the questions found in the round one paper, a link to these can also be found below.  Again, the more feedback we get from students, the better able we will be to fully evaluate the competition?s current organisation, and plan for its success in future years.

Link to student survey:
Link to round one papers:

Laura Tomlinson
Richard Hudson