SCHOOL:  ( Dick Hudson)


This coming week you will be running the UK Linguistics Olympiad testing at your school. For the foundation and intermediate papers, please remember that:

·         You are marking the foundation and intermediate papers yourself and returning the scores to by email.

·         Please use the answer sheets and marking pro forma sheets provided by Dick Hudson. If you do not have these, please contact me at and I will send them to you. Or you can download them from the UKLO website (details of this will be provided in a separate email). Please do not pass these login details on, and especially not to students.


For the Advanced papers:

Your marker for the Advanced papers is:

This is  to let you know what has been sent to the schools about their allocated markers, i.e. name of marker, email address, postal address, overseas status


·         You should make a reserve copy of your scripts (photocopy or scan) for security.

·         Then please send your scripts by FIRST CLASS post to your marker no later than Saturday 9 February 2013 (earlier if possible). Enclose an SAE if you want the scripts to be returned.

·         Please email your marker when you post the scripts, giving the number of scripts they should expect to receive. Please copy this information to

·         If you have scanned your scripts, please also send an electronic copy to your marker.

·         If your marker is overseas DO NOT post the original scripts to them, you must send them the scanned copy to ensure prompt marking. If there is any problem with this contact me as a matter of urgency and we will arrange an alternative for you.

It is important that the scripts arrive with your marker on time, as many markers have arranged for faculty marking sessions on specific days. If you miss the deadline you will miss the session, and the marking of your school’s scripts will be delayed considerably.


If you have any questions about the marking process, please contact If I cannot answer your question I will find someone who can.


Martin Edwardes

Marking Coordinator

On behalf of the UKLO Committee