Dear All,

Now that the competition is over, it's time for marking. As you know, you're responsible for marking your own Foundation and Intermediate scripts, while we mark the Advanced ones. We've prepared a detailed list of solutions plus a detailed marking scheme. Those of you who did UKLO last year will remember the complexity of the marking scheme, so you'll be pleased to know that we've learned from our mistakes and I hope you'll find it less painful; but of course I'll be pleased to hear how it could have been even better.

The solutions and marking schemes that you need are in a single document covering both Foundation and Intermediate - i.e. questions 1 to 7 (Questions 8 and 9 are just for the Advanced markers). You can find it on our website at, where it now sits just below the Foundation and Intermediate test papers. The password is the same as before. (If you can't remember it and can't find my email message, think of a word which has a rather unexpected etymological link to one of the major areas of linguistics; and if even that doesn't help, email me!).

What next?

I hope the competition was a positive experience both for you and for your pupils. We always welcome feedback, whether on the students' experience or yours. When it's negative, we try to learn from it; and when it's positive we can sometimes use it in publicity or dealing with sponsors. We're especially keen to hear of any evidence that the Linguistics Olympiad has a positive impact on the uptake of Foreign Languages.

With best wishes,  Richard

Richard Hudson (