Dear All,

  • In my last message I promised that the Advanced certificates - participation as well as Gold/Silver/Bronze - would be in the post to you by today. I'm afraid we've missed that deadline because of a bereavement in Gary's family, so they won't be ready for posting till late next week. Even if you don't break up till the last minute - 28th - you can't count on being able to distribute them this term, so I suggest you build plans round the start of next term. Meanwhile, we will of course post them just as soon as we can, so they should reach you either by the end of term or soon after.
  • Martin tells me that he's received 722 results for Foundation level and 456 for Intermediate. Thanks very much, but we feel there must be a lot more results out there that you haven't yet reported. We asked for them by 18th March, so please do send them in if you can, or (if they're not yet ready) please tell Martin to expect them later.

Best wishes, Dick

Richard Hudson (dickhudson.com)