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Sent to all this year's schools


As the first round of the 2013 UK Linguistics Olympiad comes to a conclusion, I am writing to let you know how things are going. Despite snow disrupting the term for many schools, we are pleased to announce a modest increase on last year’s entry for the Advanced level competition: we have broken the 1,000 student barrier! All the marking for advanced level round 1 is now complete, and the students going forward to round two have been informed.


If you entered candidates for the Advanced level of the competition, you should by now have received your students’ marks. If you have not done so, please contact me and I will send you the scores. You will also shortly be receiving achievement certificates for your students.


If you took part in the Foundation or Intermediate competitions (or intend to do so in the next two weeks), please remember to email the results for your students to me by 18 March. We use the figures to support our funding applications, so if your students took the intermediate or foundation level tests, do please let us know.


As part of our continuing programme of improvement, we are looking at procedures for next year to make things even better. If you have any ideas, do please contact us.


I hope that you and your students have enjoyed this year’s competition, and that you are looking forward to next year.