I'm very pleased to be able to announce this year's CUP/UKLO School of the Year: Adams' Grammar School in Newport, Shropshire. Here's the citation from http://www.uklo.org/?page_id=1540 :

        2013: Adams’ Grammar School, Newport, Shropshire (lead teacher: Christine Crowe)

Citation: This school was selected because it had entered more pupils in 2012 than any other school – 351 pupils in all, which is a spectacular 44% of the total school. The entries covered all three levels. The numbers were particularly noteworthy because this was the school’s first year in UKLO.

Well done, Christine and her team of colleagues - a fantastic achievement. One day, every school in the UK will be entering numbers like that ......

Best wishes,  Dick

Richard Hudson (dickhudson.com)