Round 2 2018

When and where


The event is completely free to both competitors and schools. Most competitors will pay for their own travel (though we offer help with booking), but we offer travel bursaries. If you need one, write to the Chair and explain briefly why you need it.


The following have been invited to Round 2. Those marked ‘*’ have been invited in previous years.

  • Oliver Beeby (Westminster School)
  • Daniel Cropper (Loughborough Grammar School)
  • Sophie Dunley (Cheltenham Ladies’ College)
  • Eleanor Edwards (Withington Girls School)
  • Duong Hai (St. Olave’s Grammar School)
  • *Simi Hellsten (Bournemouth School)
  • Ryan Kang (Westminster School)
  • Eliza Keating (City of London School for Girls)
  • Edmund Lea (Reading School)
  • Andrew Lee (University College School)
  • *Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School, Oxford)
  • *Hari Prasad (The Perse School, Cambridge)
  • *Benedict Randall Shaw (Westminster School)
  • Finn Redfern (Repton School)
  • *Benedict Springbett (Reigate Grammar School) [unable to take part]
  • Weixi Wang (Burgess Hill Girls)
  • Sean White (City of London School)


  • Neil Sheldon
    • UKLO Vice-chair, IOL leader since 2010, previously Senior Master and teacher of statistics at Manchester Grammar School
  • Graeme Trousdale
    • Founding member of the UKLO committee, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at Edinburgh University
  • Ellie Warner
    • First UKLO Gold Medal holder (IOL 2014, Beijing), Linguistics Undergraduate, Cambridge, tutor 2017
  • Sam Ahmed
    • Winner of the top Gold Medal (IOL 2017, Dublin), Linguistics Undergraduate, Cambridge

Programme and other information

Basically, Friday evening is fun, Saturday is mostly practice and advice, and Sunday morning is the test. For more details, and lots of potentially useful information, you can download the programme booklet.


Here’s a group photo from Jane Setter, our local host:

Left to right:

Benedict, Weixi, Eliza, Eleanor, Sophie, Andrew, Finn, Edmund, Ryan, Sean, Graeme, Hari, Daniel, Oliver, Hai, Simi, Liam, Neil, Sam, Ellie