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Other competitions

  • Exun Clan (India)

Exun Clan is a school club based in India, started by ex-IOL participants. In the past years, they started organizing an online competition which features linguistics problems (although a little bit more computational). See some sample problems from the past years here, here and here. If you think any of your students would be interested in taking part, please share any of the information with them. 

The original information for 2022 is here: “Hey everyone! We are glad to invite you to the Turing Test, Exun Clan’s Computational Linguistics event as part of its international technology symposium — Exun 2021-22.  The Turing Test requires no previous knowledge of linguistics or language and is based on the pattern of the International Olympiad of Linguistics. The event will be held online on the 17th of January 2022, from 6PM to 11PM IST. It has seen, in the past, participation from numerous national and international Olympiad medalists and our team promises to serve you challenging and interesting problems. You can register either independently (, or via school ( Check out for further details.
We hope you like the problem set and enjoy your experience!”

The registration link is

  • The International Youth Language Festival (Estonia)

These festivals are held in Estonia, but the common language is English. They are run by people closely connected with the International Linguistics Olympiad.

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