International Linguistics Olympiad 2019

Incoming news

  • Results:
    • Sam Corner: Gold and perfect solution t0 problem 2
    • Simi Hellsten: Gold
    • Kilian Meissner: Bronze
    • Harrison Moore: Silver
    • Benedict Randall Shaw: Gold
    • Daniel Turaev: Silver
    • Alex Walker: Bronze
  • Streaming video of the opening ceremony.
  • The squad still smiling just after their six-hour individual contest.



Special sponsorship: We have received a very generous special donation from the Philological Society to cover the extra costs of the long-haul flights to Korea.


  • 29 July to 2 August 2019 (probably flying out on Sat 27 July and back on Sat 3 August)


  • Sam Corner (Exeter Mathematics School)
  • Simi Hellsten (Bournemouth School)
  • Tommaso Leonardi (Reading School)
  • Kilian Meissner (The Perse School, Cambridge)
  • Harrison Moore (The Judd School)
  • Benedict Randall Shaw (Westminster School)
  • Daniel Turaev (JCoSS)
  • Alex Walker (The Perse School, Cambridge)

Plus two leaders:

  • Neil Sheldon
  • Graeme Trousdale