International Linguistics Olympiad 2020


Notice: the 2020 International Linguistics Olympiad has been cancelled because of Covid-19.



  • Was: 20-24 July 2020


Here’s the squad of eight who were the top performers in Round 2:

  • Adrian Sahani (Westminster School)
  • *Benedict Randall Shaw (Westminster School)
  • *Hari Prasad (The Perse School, Cambridge)
  • *Kilian Meissner (The Perse School, Cambridge)
  • Robbie Bennett (Thomas Hardye School)
  • *Sam Corner Exeter (Mathematics School)
  • *Simeon Hellsten (Bournemouth School)
  • Soren Choi (Westminster School)

Those who represented the UK in previous IOL competitions are marked *.

Our competition

In the absence of an international competition, we ran a local one for our selected squad. The challenge was to write a problem, and the winner was chosen by all the competitors plus a jury. Four competitors (listed below) wrote a problem, and Benedict was declared the winner, with Simeon as runner-up. However, the jury were impressed by all four problems and congratulate all their authors. For the time being, we’re keeping all the problems out of the public domain.

  • 1. Benedict Randall Shaw
  • 2. Simeon Hellsten
  • 3=. Hari Prasad
  • 3=. Robbie Bennett