Marking in 2020

Notice board for errors and corrections in the Advanced solutions

  • Sunday 20.2.9: Problem #8. The maximum points for this problem is 26, but some people have reported that they see 20 in the portal  – which means that it won’t accept any scores above 20. We’ve checked that the portal database in fact has 26, so we don’t understand why it might show some people (but not us) just 20. Please tell us if this happens to you.


The marking coordinator is Neema Kotonya


  • Mon 27th January: final day for notifying us of your marker capacity.
  • Jan 27-31: week for allocation of schools to markers. During this week your page on the portal will show the contact details and script numbers of your school(s).
  • Feb 3-7: test week, so all Advanced scripts should have been scanned and uploaded (with lists of names) by the end of Friday 8th.
  • Feb 8-16: Marking takes place.
  • Monday 17th February: Deadline for uploading points to the portal
  • Monday 24 February: Advanced results announced
    • If you have been sent paper scripts with a stamped addressed envelope, please keep them with you till this day in case we need to include them in our shortlist; but on this day you can return them to the school.


Particular thanks to those who organised markathons:

  • University of Aberdeen 
    • Leader: Beatrix Livesey-Stephens; plus: Anna Katharina Serke, Maia Pedersen, Nikolina Vasileva, Jakub Ivanecky, Darwin McNeill, Saskia Isemann, Svea Noll, Jude Weir, Bethan Winter, Paula Pajunen, Dawn Leslie, William Barras, Clara Kitzinger, Zoe Kasanpawiro, Grace Dominey, Alejandro Real Gonzales, Emme Strickland, Rachel Mitchell, Embla Olavsstovu, and Hannah Meyer.
  • University of Edinburgh
    • Leader: Graeme Trousdale; plus Pavel Iosad, Brandon Papineau, Lily Chase, Kirsten Knight, Angel Garmpi, Linda Schlachter,
      Alexandra Popescu, Cliodhna Hughes, Em Charreteur, Michael Goessler
  • University of Oxford 
    • Leader: Holly Kennard; plus Michele Bianconi, Emily Darley, Jamie Findlay, Matthew Gotham, Sherry He, Charlotte Hemmings, Emily Jennings, Leah Sternefeld, Rebekka Thur, Will Thurwell, Katie Truslove and Tony Velasquez. 
  • University of Kent