How to combine multiple PDF files

Use a free downloadable such as IlovePDF_merge. This is the app on which the following directions are based:

  • Put the PDF files that you want to combine (‘merge’) into the same folder on your computer.
  • If they’re student scripts, check that each one has the student’s name.
  • Click the big red button with ‘Select PDF files’.
  • Browse to the folder containing the PDF files to be merged.
  • Select the files concerned.
  • Hit Open and check the order of files; you can move them around if you want to.
  • Hit the big red button saying ‘Merge files’.
  • In the little popup window, select ‘Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader’ (or whatever your default reader for .pdf files is), and hit OK.
  • Go to your .pdf reader, where you should find the merged file, and save it to wherever you want to hold it.

And it’s done!