The portal

How to use the portal

Who built the portal

The following have been UKLO’s Portal Managers since we had it built in 2015. We’re deeply in their debt, because the UKLO project depends heavily on the portal. The Portal Manager combines two roles: extending the functionality by adding new bits, and troubleshooting when things go wrong.

  • Our first Portal Manager, who built the portal from scratch, was Simon Vansintjan.
  • Simon handed over in 2018 to Neema Kotonya, who was in the UK squad for the International Olympiad in 2013 and is also the Marking Coordinator.
  • Neema handed over in 2021 to Jack Hodkinson, who was in the 2014 UK squad.
  • Our project manager, on the UKLO committee, is Gary Wood.

Many thanks from all of us on the UKLO committee to them all for the enormous amount of time, work, good will and good humour they devote, and have devoted, to the portal.


What the portal is and does

The portal is the UKLO internet system for handling communications between UKLO and its teachers and markers:

  • from teachers to UKLO:
    • one-off registration of teachers and schools
    • one-off registration of pupils
    • annual notification of Advanced entries:
      • numbers
      • names (with sex and school year, e.g. Year 11)
    • results of non-Advanced competitors
    • Advanced script scans
  • from UKLO to teachers:
    • email messages to all teachers
    • test material
      • problem data issued just before the test
      • non-Advanced solutions issued just after the test
    • contact details for assigned markers
    • printable certificate files for non-Advanced candidates
  • from markers to UKLO:
    • registration of markers
    • annual notification of
      • availability for marking
      • marking capacity (how many scripts?)
    • points assigned for allocated scripts
  • from UKLO to markers:
    • occasional messages to all registered markers
    • downloadable test material and solutions and marking scheme
    • contact details for assigned teachers
    • scanned scripts for online marking or download
    • name lists and tables for entering scores

General trouble-shooting

  • If you can’t see the effect of your work
    • Try refreshing the page.
  • If you can’t see a list of names or other information that you’re expecting
    • Be patient – it can take up to a minute for some information to load, as it is generated from scratch.