What to do if your school is not registered with UKLO

If you’re interested in the Linguistics Olympiad, but your school isn’t registered yet, try these ideas:

  • Try to recruit a teacher to act as contact person. Most of our contact teachers teach foreign languages, but some teach English Language (A-level) or classics or even maths or study schools or Gifted-and-Talented. They probably won’t have heard of UKLO, and will be pleased to know about it.
  • Look on the maps of registered schools for schools near you that are registered. (Unfortunately these maps aren’t always up to date, so if you can’t find one, ask us to find one.) Several schools have told us that they’d be happy to host a few pupils from other schools for the competition, so if you find a nearby school, write to us and we’ll try to put you in touch with the contact teacher there.
  • Try to interest other pupils in the idea. If a number of you try to recruit a teacher you’ll be much more likely to succeed than if it’s just you alone. And it’ll be much more fun to do it with other people.

And of course remember that the olympiad idea is much more than the competition – there’s a mountain of past problems to try, and (again) you’ll impress teachers much more if you tell them that you’ve done half a dozen problems and think they’re fun.