Your problems

Problems by UKLO competitors

Some of our competitors have created their own problems, which we’re proud to share as part of our collection of practice problems.They’re listed below by author; just click to download. If you try a problem, do leave a comment in the comment box. This will help our authors to learn and get even better.

If you’ve competed in UKLO, at any level, and feel inspired to create a problem, please send it to Dick Hudson (A@B, where A = Dick and B = Our only requirements are these:

  • Your problem should be contained in a single file with two parts separated by a page break:
    • the problem itself, including any blanks needed for providing the answer
    • the solution. A marking scheme and a commentary are welcome, but optional.
  • The file should be in .doc or .docx format so that others can edit it if they want. But if it contains special fonts, e.g. for unusual scripts, then please provide a .pdf file as well.

Anthony Bracey (IOL 2015)

  • Fula verbs: .doc | .pdf
  • Nimbia numbers: .doc  | pdf

Harry Taylor (IOL 2015)

  • Rapa Nui compounds: .docx