International Linguistics Olympiad 2022


The IOL consists of two competitions: the individual competition (lasting six hours) and the team competition (lasting ‘just’ three hours). There is a programme of social events to fill the rest of the five days.


The meeting lasts from Monday 25th July to Friday 29th, but we expect to travel out on the Sunday and back on the following Saturday.


In the Isle of Man.

How much?

This event, like the rest of UKLO’s offerings, is entirely free to both the participants and their schools. This is possible because of generous financial support from our sponsoring organisations.


The UK squad will consist of the following two teams of competitors:

Alison Craig-Greene U King Edward VI Grammar School, Essex
Brendan Bethlehem UWestminster School
George Zhou UWestminster School
Raka Chattopadhyay UThe Queen's School, Chester
Alex Thompson KDr Challoner's Grammar School
Stratos Voudouris KReading School
Toby Collins KThe Perse School, Cambridge
William Thomson KWinchester College