Arrangements for 2015

Please check the general arrangements page for information that doesn’t change from year to year. The information below is just for 2015.

  1. Teacher day (October 2014)
  2. Round 1 (February 2-6 2015)
  3. Round 2 (March 20-22 2015)
  4. International Linguistics Olympiad (July 20-24 2015)
  5. Training course for competitors (September 1-4 2015)
  6. Archive of messages from UKLO to the list for teachers

Round 1

Test material and certificate blanks: all the material you need for the test (apart from coloured pens – highly recommended!), including certificate templates, is available for download here. (This page is no longer password protected.)

Date:   Feb 2-6 2015. You can arrange your competition at any time during this week, but you must make sure you have time:

  • to scan the Advanced scripts in time to send them to us before we release the answers and mark sheet for the Foundation and Intermediate levels on the evening of Friday Feb 6.
  • to print the test papers (at all levels) which will be available from the evening of Thursday Jan 29.
  • Sending us your results for the Foundation and Intermediate tests that you marked: by 16 March.

Advanced entries: If you’re expecting to enter candidates for the Advanced competition, please notify us of your numbers (not names) here, so that we can assign you a marker. This form will remain open till 23 January, but no longer. Late entries will not be accepted.

Further details. For further information about the arrangements for Round 1, see the email #6 archived here.

Results of the Advanced competition: These will be announced on February 23rd.

National statistics for Round 1:

  • a statistical report by Martin Edwardes
  • national thresholds for Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates in non-Advanced competitions (e.g. any score of 17.42 or higher at Breakthrough earns a Gold):
  total entries gold silver bronze
Breakthrough 96 17.42 16.67 15.24
Foundation 132 39 37.74 33.86
Intermediate 188 53 48 45


All-clear for releasing publicly all the test material, solutions and marking schemes: April 1 (was April 10).

Round 2

Date and place: 20-22 March at Somerville College, Oxford.

See also: more details.

Congratulations to the following, who have been invited to compete in Round 2:

  • Samuel Ahmed* (King’s College School Wimbledon)
  • Anthony Bracey* (Abingdon School)
  • Asher Brawer (City of London School)
  • Jonah Cowen (City of London School)
  • Lisanne Go (City of London School for Girls) [Can’t attend]
  • Jemma Henry (Saffron Walden County High School)
  • Jack Hodkinson* (Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Wakefield)
  • Samuel Hosegood (Bedford Modern School)
  • Liam McKnight* (Magdalen College School)
  • Ben Morris (City of London School)
  • Alexia Sloane (Comberton Village College)
  • Naomi Solomons (Forest school)
  • Harry Taylor (Magdalen College School)
  • Anuraag Vazirani (St Paul’s School)
  • Isobel Voysey (Westminster School)
  • Stephanie Wong (Headington School)

(Those with * also took part in last year’s Round 2.)

International Linguistics Olympiad

Place: Bulgaria

Date: 20-24 July 2015


  • Samuel Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon)
  • Anthony Bracey (Abingdon School)
  • Samuel Hosegood (Bedford Modern School)
  • Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School)
  • Naomi Solomons (Forest school)
  • Harry Taylor (Magdalen College School)
  • Isobel Voysey (Westminster School)
  • Stephanie Wong (Headington School)

Ben Morris (City of London School) was also selected, but can’t take up his place.


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